Part 1: New Year Eve in Moscow

Assalamualaikum.. What a nice day!

I’ve just arrived in Astana yesterday morning. Me, hubby n Aliyah spent our New Year Eve in Moscow, Russia. Hehehe 😄😘👍
Fortunatelly, me n hubby have the same dream. To travel arround the world. 😊 So this is our first travelling together, n with Aliyah. My precious girl 😘 so just wanna share the pics here.. Don’t be bored, please.. 😅😜


This pic was taken while we just arrived in Moscow.. 😊


We are ready for New Year 2014 ✨💥 there is Ralisha or Caca with us. She is my cousin who lives in Moscow with her parents and fams.


We walked from KBRI Moscow to The Kremlin to see the fireworks but we were late. So we saw the fireworks from the street. Still beautiful 😘😍👍✨💥


We take the pic on the street. happy new year!!!

So there’s our pics when we spent times to see arround the scenery of Moscow, and of course for shopping in the malls! It’s January.. Sale everywhere..! 😄😄




We do love shopping here!





We act like it’s a candid pic. But our faces is so weird here 😅😄

Surprisingly, Me n Rivo met out friend in Moscow. He is Nyoman, we are friends when we studied at Jayabaya University. What a small world!


You know, Moscow have Subway. Most of days we travelled using subway. Love it! Indonesia must have Subway!

okay, we will continue to next post in Part 2: New Year Eve in Moscow. Now I have to cook n prepare before my hubby’s awake! Hehehee..

Stay tuned and See yaaaa …


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One thought on “Part 1: New Year Eve in Moscow

  1. Fay MN Raditya berkata:

    Your story makes me jealous. And increase the long list of my dreams are so slow to materialize.
    If Vienna can be moved to Lembang, probably every weekend I spend the night there.
    But at least now I feel like being in Venice. The boat ride (getek) in Ciliwung where the water overflowed and flooded most of Jakarta.

    I miss U.
    Salam u/ Mas-mu, juga puterimu.

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