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Dresscode Event (Hijab Style)

HC Depok team ask me about dresscode for yesterday event. And I agree with Brownyyy.. 🙂 So here it is.. hehe *narsis lagi*


I love the scarf! I bought it at MOSbazaar at Kuningan City couple days ago 🙂

And I love my make up.. Simple and Natural.. hehe

Make upnya apa lg kalo bukaaannnn…

Wardah Cosmetic. 🙂

EH Bocoran, Blush on tetep setia siii sama Giordani nya Oriflame… huehehehe

Inner Ninja and Scarf:  All Scarf by Mosaicht

Polkadot Top: Plumtree Shop by Muslimah Store

Vintage Skirt: Unbranded

Bag: Bonia

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Sudden Fuchsia

Suddenly, i love pink.. hihi ;p This is my today outfit to visit Kaskus Regional Depok’s Gathering at Gubug Bambu, Depok.

For your information, saya gak suka pink dari dulu. But now, after gettin’ pregnant, I love pink.. :”)

Pregnancy changes anything!

But anything in a good way. I feel Allah keep blessing me day by day. Me and my hubby get some surprises almost every each day.

Everything growing better and better. Alhamdulillah… :”)

Kami sepakat bahwa apa yang kami alami ini adalah berkah yang dibawa oleh anak kami.

We keep searching a name for my child. Dan kita pengen kasih nama yang artinya nanti adalah,

“Berkah, Karunia, Keberuntungan, Blessing, dan kata-kata yang artinya tidak jauh dari Anugerah”

ada yang mau bantu? 😀

But anyway, we are so thankful. All praises to Allah..

We love Allah. We love the best ever gift from Allah:

“Our child”


Shocking pink CCP by Such! by Suci Utami

Pick me Up! Headband by Pretty!nveil by Tasya Gunoto




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My Pregnancy: Blessing purple



This is me, with my 5 month baby on my belly.. :”)

I love purple this year. Well this is one of the changing which happens on me cause usually i love black! huehehe

But today, I love purple.

hmm little bit more feminin than before i get pregnant. Now I love pink, too.. !

But Purple is colouring my life now.

More happier..

More joyful..

More Blessing..

Full of Love..

I love my junior so much. Can’t wait to see u here. On my hand. Laying on my chest.. :’)

Be strong, my child.. Just like your papa n mama…




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I Love January

Usually i said “I love November”.  But now on 2012, I brave to say,

“Yes, I love January” 🙂

Even January gives earth rain a lots, but I grateful to Allah because on this month i will held my wedding. I’m on counting day by day. Day seems long for me. Every surprise thing could be happen and I can not predict. Again and again, i just back to pray and surrender all the things to Allah Subhanahu wata’alla.. Hope all could stay in a good way until the day has come. Amiin… 🙂

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