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Hijab Street: Trip to Moscow


This pic was taken when we just go arround Moscow n snap a corner of an old street.. ❀ Moscow. I wanna go baaack…

What I wear:
Turkish phasmina
H&M sweater
Logo Jeans
T. Tacardi Boots

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IED Mubarak 1433 H

Happy IED Mubarak 1433 H


This year is my first Ied with Husband by my side and baby on my belly :”)

Tired trip to Grandmother’s home at Serang, Banten and trip to Pengalengan, Bandung

So happy and excited!Β  I won’t forget those beautiful moment.. :’)

Thanks for your loyalty to visit my blog. Hope we can be friends.. πŸ™‚

Mohon Maaf Lahir Bathin..




Shiffon shawl by Zavoj

Black Kaftan with Swarovsky by Abaya Sharqiaa (Made in Madinah)


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Dresscode Event (Hijab Style)

HC Depok team ask me about dresscode for yesterday event. And I agree with Brownyyy.. πŸ™‚ So here it is.. hehe *narsis lagi*


I love the scarf! I bought it at MOSbazaar at Kuningan City couple days ago πŸ™‚

And I love my make up.. Simple and Natural.. hehe

Make upnya apa lg kalo bukaaannnn…

Wardah Cosmetic. πŸ™‚

EH Bocoran, Blush on tetep setia siii sama Giordani nya Oriflame… huehehehe

Inner Ninja and Scarf:Β  All Scarf by Mosaicht

Polkadot Top: Plumtree Shop by Muslimah Store

Vintage Skirt: Unbranded

Bag: Bonia

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My Pregnancy: Blessing purple



This is me, with my 5 month baby on my belly.. :”)

I love purple this year. Well this is one of the changing which happens on me cause usually i love black! huehehe

But today, I love purple.

hmm little bit more feminin than before i get pregnant. Now I love pink, too.. !

But Purple is colouring my life now.

More happier..

More joyful..

More Blessing..

Full of Love..

I love my junior so much. Can’t wait to see u here. On my hand. Laying on my chest.. :’)

Be strong, my child.. Just like your papa n mama…




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I Love January

Usually i said “I love November”.Β  But now on 2012, I brave to say,

“Yes, I love January” πŸ™‚

Even January gives earth rain a lots, but I grateful to Allah because on this month i will held my wedding. I’m on counting day by day. Day seems long for me. Every surprise thing could be happen and I can not predict. Again and again, i just back to pray and surrender all the things to Allah Subhanahu wata’alla.. Hope all could stay in a good way until the day has come. Amiin… πŸ™‚

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Closer To The Edge

Biasanya “no hard feeling” setiap pergantian tahun. Tapi kali ini, dentuman jantung terasa begitu hebat mendengar kata “2012”..

Who said this easy for me? Waiting for almost six month til the day comes, preparing every detail of things which should be done 1 month before the day, facing and accepting different thought from many different people, learning what is the real meaning ofΒ  Tolerant, Patient, and Surrender all the result to Allah…

That’s not easy..

But I am proud that i had come this far. Feeling “closer to the Edge” is like feeling nearly fell to the cliff. Extremely headache recently easily comes and ruin my head. i always try to pray and back to Allah for He gives me patient everyday, strengthen me every second, and believe He always right here by my side. I feel like Allah gives His biggest support for me. Because i can feel it deep in my heart. Surrender to Allah is the only choice we have when everything seems like not happened like what we want. But Allah will give us what we need. I do believe in You, Allah..



My “Salah Sambung” Gen FM Recording

Ada bbm masuk tadi pagi. Ternyata aa dah kirim rekaman salah sambung yang semalem dia donlod. Dengan tulisan “Sayang Dika Gen FM” pada bbm file yang terkirim, sungguh sangat tidak sinkron yah sama tulisan salsam gue yang di input Gen fm di websitenya, judulnya “DIKA TOPENG MONYET” -___________-

Yang semalem pada penasaran pengen denger, ampe ada yang minta kirim ke email (sepertinya agak lebay) so, gue kasih link aja deh ya.

Now, Click >> HERE







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Eyes Implied

See through these eyes

ThingsΒ  knotted there





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