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Another Best Gift From God: My Pregnancy



Oh my God.. I just wanna crying now. It has been so looong I wasn’t touch my blog. 😥 I miss writting, finger dancing on my keyboard, and the satisfied feeling after my write is done.. 🙂 Oh I miss you so much “Princessdika’s Mind”.. !

So how’s life out there? I’ve just checked my visitors still loyal reading my blog, eventhough it’s not up to date since few months ago.. Thank you so much guys! You build spirit in my heart to write again and again… ^_^

The Best Gift From God

I wanna share here why i “must” leave my blog for a while. Exactly, I dont want to, but I must. Because not long after gettin’ my marriage,  I got PREGNANT ! How awesome, right? :”) Now, I have 12 Weeks 5 Days baby, alive here, inside my body..  How grateful we are when we knew that we have a baby..

This is my first experience gettin’ pregnancy. I were uncomfortable at the first month of pregnancy because my body had a lot of changes. esspecially i’ve got nausea and vomiting (mual dan muntah) everyday.. it’s hard to do some works, even wake up from the bed made me wanna throw up.. 😦 But i struggled against everything that can make me down. My lovely husband really help me and strengthen me always, even when he’s on busy day with his job. He always there for me when I need his shoulder or hug. And our big family are very support us in everything. Alhamdulillah i have great husband and great family in life. And soon, i will have a baby and this will complete my life.. Subhanallah.. ^_^

after passed my first trisemester pregnancy, now I feel better. I can go anywhere I want, do everything that I usually did before. I’m baaack.. But I have to be more careful because i have a baby inside. So I must not make any sudden movement, walk and step carefully, and avoid the fatigue. But gotta enjoy and fun to through this moment.. 🙂 So far, my doctor said me and my baby are health and great. I’ll keep consume vitamin and healthy food for us. Bissmillah…

So guys, please send your wishes to God for my baby always healthy until he or she borns and see the world.. 🙂



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