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HCdepok Event: with Terrant EO, Indri Gunawan, and Adipura at Pejaten Village


Yesterday so awesome! \^.^/

Yes, because my community just held a cool event, colaborated with Terrant Hijabees from Terrant Event Organizer. Terrant contact us 1 month ago by email, ask us to fill their event and stand bazaar. We just right away got an idea to bring our monthly event, Pengajian and Tausyiah to mall! We thought why not? bring tausyiah to Mall is not a sin. We just want to bring positive environtment to Mall. So everyone will get a positive input from HC Depok.
And we fortunately collaborate too with Zemma by Indri Gunawan. yeaa everybody knew she is a Syahrul Gunawan’s wife. Alhamdulillah she is very kind and wants to help us to fill the talkshow.

Adipura, an antagonist man on sinetron in Indonesia, fill the Tausyiah with sooo charming n unexpected! I think he memorized all ayatullah in AL-Quran. Subhanallah… :’) He told us about how important hijab for us. That hijab is a symbol of our Taqwa to Allah Subhanahuwata’alla..

Talkshow with Adipura and Indri Gunawan talks about an experience of Indri Gunawan since she wearing hijab 🙂 SO Interesting.

And last we had Hijab Tutorial by Melly from Vania Scarf and Fashion Show by Zemma Indri Gunawan. Awesome, huh? 🙂

here’s the pictures of our events:

Start from Hijab tutorial by Hijab Community Depok. Fina Dewi Febriana gave us 2 hijab tutorial, and the model is… ME! 😀 (Bumil sok eksis ni ;p)

And then, tausyiah from Adipura :”)

Talkshow with Bunda novi as a moderator, Indri Gunawan and Adipura

wajah-wajah para audience 🙂

So serious ;p

yang melantunkan ayat Al-Quran, Adipura dibantu oleh mahasiswa dari UIN. 🙂

Next, Hijab tutorial by Melly Vania Scarf 🙂 dan bagi2 goodie bag jg disini loohhh

LAst but not least, Fashion show by Zemma from Indri Gunawan 🙂

And Finally, photo-photo adalah wajib. Hehehe 🙂

Me with bumil Indri Gunawan and teteh Adipura’s wife 🙂

Forgive me for bad picture resolution yaa.. just took it from my hubby’s phone.. hehe 🙂 Hardly can’t wait to posting on my blog.. 😀

HC Depok wiff Indri Gunawan and Adipura’s wife. Sama mas Adipuranya ada di camera SLR hehehe 😀 next posttt

That’s all…!

Thanks for visiting my blog. hope this post could inspiring us to a good way. Yang mau dateng silahkan ke Pejaten Village, kita masih stand by disana sampai tanggal 12 Agustus, di lantai 3, dekat XXI 🙂 ada stand Zemma by Indri Gunawan, Vania Scarf, Pretty!nveil by Tasya Gunoto, ada Hijab COmmunity Tangerang juga, and bisa beli buku baru nya Suci Utami, Siti Juwariyah dan Restu Angraini loh disana dengan harga murah..

Today, me and my hubby will stand by at HC Depok stand. 🙂 i will give u discount on Plumtree Product if you can catch me and my hubby and take a picture with us and our banner, Muslimah Store.. 🙂 You can also twitpic to @HCdepok ur pic at our stand and admin HCdepok will RT your pic.. so, be there yaaah..Syukron *hug* ^_^

Wassalamualaikum Warrahmatullah..

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