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Another Dream Comes True

Hey world… Wow it is so excited to write down again here.. 😄 After long long long long time hehe.. Since I have a child, I’m too concern with my real life. Having fun with my baby girl is the best spending time ever. ❤ She tooks my heart and my time so badly. So I don’t have much time to get ‘me time’. Like this time I write it in.. 😊 Sssshshhh… My baby is sleeping right now.. 😝

Oya… Once I have notice you that I will go to the place where my husband is working now. so here I am! I already 1 month and 2 weeks lives in Astana, Kazakhstan. A place I never thought before i could live. Hahahaha.. Yup. Another dream comes true! 😊 I was dreaming that Someday I will live in a country (not Indonesia) which have a snow every year with my hubby n my children. I thought it might be a country in europe or america but Allah’s will is different. Allah sent me to this country. KAZAKHSTAN. Alhamdulillah. 😊
I live in Kazakh’s capital city, Astana. FYI, the coldest city number 2 in the world. IMAGINE…! It has 4 seasons but mostly indonesian people here told me that it just has 2 seasons. ‘Musim Dingin’ dan ‘Musim Dingin bangets’! Hahaha… ⛄

Saking dinginnya kali ya. Sekarang ini masih Autumn. Tapi baruuu ajah nih turun salju. It’s stil 4th October but snows are coming. Kata papah winter disini bisa sampai 6 bulan lamanya. Orang2 pd baru mulai kedinginan, kita dah turun salju. Negara lain udah pd mencair saljunya dan jalan2 di musim semi, salju disini masih aja padat hihi… Well, tetep bersyukur bersyukur dan bersyukur. That one thing I have notice. Allah mengabulkan cita-citaku lagi. Allah mewujudkan mimpi-mimpiku lagi lagi dan lagi. Semakin sadar bahwa Allah sayang banget sama diri ini. Bukannya keGRan yah. Tapi apapun keinginan kita kalau diwujudin sama Allah itu harus bersyukur dan Huznuzon sama Allah 😊 walau tiap hari kedinginan begini, tetep bersyukur dan lihat positif side nya. Allah ngabulin cita-citaku yang kepengen liat salju. Kepengen tinggal di luar negeri sama keluarga. Alhamdulillah semua terwujud 😊

pelajaran yang bisa diambil adalah: jangan takut bermimpi. Bahkan mimpilah atau inginkanlah sesuatu yang dirasa tidak mungkin! Bermimpilah yang BESAR! Jangan setengah-setengah. Karena 1,2, 5, 10 atau bahkan 20 tahun lagi mimpi itu bisa jadi MUNGKIN. Karena gak ada yang gak mungkin kalau kita minta nya sama Allah. 😊

I’ll share my pictures anyway. So enjoy.. 👍😄







Dengan kaitkata


It has been so long I wasn’t ‘touching’ my blog.. so I miss to write so much! 🙂

I thought of my blog today because I have fully spirit to write now about my DREAM. Yes, it is about DREAM! 🙂 I love this part.

I am a big dreamer. And I don’t want just to stay and not moving on to pursue my dream. I was struggled against underestimation from people who has wrong paradigm about what is the real meaning of a ‘DREAM’.  I don’t wanna drown in this wrong paradigm. And I want to prove that I can reach my dream for one day. Even I realize, there are so much pain and circumstances that I have to through.  There are more boredom, tiredness, sickness, and so many tears. Thank GOD, I’m still survive until today.  Life happens for once. And I don’t wanna waste this wonderful life. It is a gift from God, you know..

Some people think that to have a big dream, it is a misktakes. But I don’t think so. Because I believe big future are starting  from a big dream and visions.

Some people underestimate another who take so much pains and efforts to reach some invisible dream.  but they don’t realize, they are blind and yearning because they don’t have any dream! what a pity..

Someday, in my future, I just want to sit down in front of mirror and proud of what I’ve been done in the past. ‘now’, will be my past in the future. So I don’t want to waste my precious time anymore. :0

I’m not afraid of pains. If I have to, I go through.


Dengan kaitkata ,