HC Depok Event: Hijab Tutorial at Gramedia Teras Kota Serpong


Hijab Community Depok presents:

Hijab Tutorial books launching by Mila Meiliasari

Hijab Clinic and Talkshow with Hijab Community Depok

at Gramedia Teras Kota, Serpong, Tangerang

Saturday, 19th May 2012

HC team, left to right: Achi, Ligia, Anggi with her daughter, Ameera, Me, Regina, Fina, Enno

Hijab Tutorial by Fina Dewi Febriana

modelnya supervisor gramed, mba nia 🙂

Thanks for Fina, one of the best creative team on HC Depok 🙂

Hijab Tutorial by Palupi Regina

Hijab Tutorial by Astri Karina


Serius amat buuu nontonnyaaah.. :))

Hijab tutorial by me 🙂

I gave my hijab tutorial just for one time hehe.. I tried to help Fina, but, I can’t stand in front for any longer because of my pregnancy. Made me quickly gettin’ tired. Hope that one can useful for anyone yaaa….

our booth. Supported by Such! by Suci Utami

Mau tau suasana di booth kita? rame ciiiinng…. 🙂 nih potonyah:

Team hore booth kita.. thanks Ligia, Enno and Laily.. :*

yuk dibeli buuk


Dan ini Para Customer kitaaa..  ga smua ke poto abis rame pisan.. Thanks for shopping! :

Thanks for comming and shopping with HC Depok yaaa :*

left to right: Achi, Laily, Regina, Enno, Me, Fina, Ligia, Ibu Niken, Mba Nia, Mimi

Thanks for the invitation from Gramedia Teras Kota Serpong, Tangerang

Thanks to HC Depok team

Thanks to customers of Such! by Suci Utami

Thanks to My Hubby, he takes all HC Depok photos.. hehhe love U :*

and Thanks for all the parties involved. Thank you so much





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