My Covenant Marriage: Life of Change


Subhanallah. There are no words that can explain how excited I am now. Living, eating and sleeping with a “stranger” man. haha.. I feel like a new born to the world. Start everything from zero. and now I have Husband! lalala…

Okay. 😀

This…. is my turn to make you all envy about getting marriage. why you must envy guys? Because being married is encouraging! 🙂 Share your bed with the one you love. Cooking for him. kiss your husband when you wake up every morning. it is blessing guys! Really grateful to be a wife and living with the best husband in the world. 🙂

so this is our pictures, when “The Most Unforgetable Moment” happened

On prepare

Really Nervous!


I am ready. Bissmillah...

My hubby bageur pisan :")

Saaaaaahhh...! 🙂

I'm comiiiingg... 😀

Saddest moment

So there are.. Hope those pictures makes you wanna get married too guys.. soon! 🙂

Just wait for the next pictures of my reception on the next post.

Thanks to Nanda Nugroho (@nandanugroho) and Lambang (@lambang_art) for those unforgettable pictures.

Jazzakallahu khairan..


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One thought on “My Covenant Marriage: Life of Change

  1. subhanallah… semoga jadi keluarga yg SAMARA.. langgeng terus sampai kapan pun…

    Salam kenal… 🙂

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