Closer To The Edge

Biasanya “no hard feeling” setiap pergantian tahun. Tapi kali ini, dentuman jantung terasa begitu hebat mendengar kata “2012”..

Who said this easy for me? Waiting for almost six month til the day comes, preparing every detail of things which should be done 1 month before the day, facing and accepting different thought from many different people, learning what is the real meaning of  Tolerant, Patient, and Surrender all the result to Allah…

That’s not easy..

But I am proud that i had come this far. Feeling “closer to the Edge” is like feeling nearly fell to the cliff. Extremely headache recently easily comes and ruin my head. i always try to pray and back to Allah for He gives me patient everyday, strengthen me every second, and believe He always right here by my side. I feel like Allah gives His biggest support for me. Because i can feel it deep in my heart. Surrender to Allah is the only choice we have when everything seems like not happened like what we want. But Allah will give us what we need. I do believe in You, Allah..




2 thoughts on “Closer To The Edge

  1. Asop berkata:

    Terus maju dan saya mendukung. 😀

  2. princessdika berkata:

    Alhamdulillah didukung.. eh mas asop rajin euy komen di blog akuh.. kpn2 kopi darat donk. sm mba amel juga tuu

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