I know i’m one of the luckiest auntie in the world. Because I have one cute little angel from God.

Her name is Ameera.

Everybody loves Ameera.. ! Do you know why? I’ll share here her picture. But i warn you DO NOT stare and falling in love with her.. 😀

I introduce you, Ameera.. 🙂

She’s cute, isn’t she??

You should admit it. hihi

How come people can’t fall in love with her? Her innocent eyes make you wanna kiss her for sure..!

Please do not stare.



LOok.. i will never get bored when i play and laugh with her.

When i got stress, I always run to her. Then stress gone!

She can get off my fatigue.

Please, do not fallin’ love.. I’ve told you beforeeee…

Only her mother, her grand mother, and me who can carry her, because Ameera will crying out loud if another trying to carry her.

How lucky I am! hihi.. Maybe because I look similar with her mother, who is my old sister. 🙂

Thank you, bunda Ameera..


mmmmuuuachhhhhhh.. :*

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2 thoughts on “Ameera

  1. ~Amela~ berkata:

    aaaah lucu.. ikutan jatuh cinta sama ameera ya mbak 😀
    nambah lagi bayi lucu yang bisa buat cuci mata kalau suntuk

  2. Asop berkata:

    Aw! Anak kecil emang imut. 😳

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