The dumbest Bejo

When a bussinessman was cutting hair at a barber who lives not far from his office, they saw a boy running arround and jumping in front of them.


barber said, “That’s Bejo, he’s the dumbest in the world”

“I wonder?”, said a bussinessman.

Then the barber called Bejo, and he reached into his pocket and pulled out a sheet of Rp. 1.000 and Rp. 500, then asked Bejo to choose, “Bejo, you may choose and take one of this money, it’s up to you which one you want to choose.”

Bejo looked into the barber’s hand where there is money Rp.1.000 and Rp.500 and quickly moved his hand and took the money of Rp.500.

Barber with a sense of right and win then turned to the bussiness man and said, “Right as I said before, Bejo is the dumbest boy I ever met. Countless times I did a test like that before, and he always take the money which has the smaller value.”

After the bussiness man had  finished cutting his hair, on the way home he met Bejo. Feeling curious about what he had saw before, he  called Bejo then asked, ” Bejo, I saw you before when the barber had given you money Rp.1.000 and Rp.500, then you prefer took Rp.500 than Rp.1000 even we know that Rp.1000 is twice bigger than Rp.500. why, Bejo?”

Bejo answered, “I will no longer get Rp.500 everyday if i took Rp.1000, because the barber always wonder why I didn’t take Rp.1.000. If i take Rp.1.000 it means the game will be finished.”

I tell you one message from this story. Many people feel more clever than others, so they often underestimate others. Only God knows the intelligency of human He creates. So it would be wise if we do not consider yourself smarter than others.


Have a great life everyone. Learn big things from little things arround you


2 thoughts on “The dumbest Bejo

  1. ibrahim kh.s berkata:

    U get a great job….!!!

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