Trip to Jogjakarta

so excited..! 🙂

when we had appointment in Jogjakarta. our bestfriend relationship never die even we were seperated with time and place. So we decided to meet in Jogja. here we are:

Then let me introduce one of spectacular creation by the hand of GOD.. another beautiful scenery in my country, Indonesia.

we went to Borobudur temple and Prambanan temple

@ Prambanan temple. So gorgeous...!

you're so beautiful 🙂

me with roro jonggrang 🙂

Borobudur temple..

nice! 🙂

we are besties 🙂

And now i will show you the gorgeous beach..


here it is.. Pangandaran beach 🙂

lovely you are.. 🙂

Tremendous waves..

take a deep breath and smell the sea.. Fabulous!

all beautiful places in Indonesia always make me thankful to Allah SWT and raise my nationalism. Because I realize that Indonesia has more interest things than we thought. So I suggest you to come here. And when I go to another places in Indonesia, i will show you here. 🙂 Because I love Indonesia.

Thanks Jogjakarta!

Thanks to: Dian Ismarani, Izna Iskandar, Panji Sunumahatmo Kusmaryo, Renold Horas Manurung, Reinhard Wolfgang Wospakrik  and Januar Jusuf Habibie

Thanks Cupi, for the photographs. 🙂

Have a nice trip everyone!


2 thoughts on “Trip to Jogjakarta

  1. Asop berkata:

    Wow. Itu foto kedua dengan latar belakang Prambanan bagus banget… 😀

  2. princessdika berkata:

    Thanks for the compliment.. 🙂

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