Kampung Inggris: Not Only Learn English.. :)

me with my lovely bike 🙂


Just one little town with one word..But for me, it keeps a lot of memories. And it needs many words to be described. Many friends asked me to write about Pare on my blog. But I don’t get any brave to write down about this town. Too many stories I have to tell, too many memories…  I had thought to write couple days ago, but I refused the willingness because I didn’t know how to start it.

First of all, this is one of my new adventure being here. At the first time I arrived, I felt so weird. The weather so hot in the afternoon, but extremely cold in the night. I have to adapt with these extreme weather. Only a small town with no malls, McDonald, Jco and all the smells of big cities. Everyday I have to ride a bike to go everywhere. Without a car. Without luxury. And the hardest part, I must be willing to share a room with three other people who don’t know. Sounds  creepy..!  But I had to facing on through.  Because I have 1 purpose here, to learn my fave lesson ever, ENGLISH. 😀

Day by day I just keep on moving and find lots of friends here. Unpredictable that I learned so many things by living here. I feel like my struggled against underestimated from people in Jakarta is worth. I believe there is no useless knowledge.

Pare is a place of “Kampung Inggris”. Precisely in Tulungrejo village. I heard about “Kampung Inggris” since 1 year ago, but I decided to go here since 2 months ago. I won’t descript more detail here, because if someone curious about “Kampung Inggris”, please just immediately right to come here. Because you will get a lot of things from here. I personally learned many things. Besides I get my goal which fluent in English, I also learned about the philosophy of life. Mam Indah, one of my favorite teacher said if you wanna feel “truly learning”, just come to Pare. Pare is the perfect place for those who missed the truly atmosphere of learning. No graft, no expensive education, no disparaging, no prestige,and everyone who has same vision gathered in a small town from Sabang to Merauke. Everyone willing to learn. Everyone is different.  Who recently graduated from elementary school until the age of 70 years old can sit in the same class, taught by their  teachers who could be old or younger. Although most teachers here are very young. More certainly younger than I am a 23 years old.

I’ve got many relations with all clever people here. There is a business owner who are still 15 years old, lawyers, housewives, professors, or students of high school, all gathered here with same vision. They are great people. We learn not only about English, but we learn how to appreciate opinion from the others. We learn how to keep our mouth from mocking people. We also learn about listening people. Sometimes we forget that we just want to be listened, but we forget how to listen. Mr Bob, inspiring person for me, in the class he said about the rule to join his class is make mistakes is an obligated. At that time he said that, we can’t accepted. But he explained that human always make mistakes. But human learn from their mistakes. So we don’t have to be afraid when we speak in front of the class and make mistakes. So interesting teaching method I think. The result are we get our confidence to speak up, and we can raise our intuition on speaking English. Our teachers also teach us about how to empty our glass. They said that to get knowledge in Pare, first thing we have to know that we must empty our glass. Even before our glass is full. It means, even we are a smart person in our hometown or even a professor, we shouldn’t be an arrogant person. So that we can accept all knowledge with grateful and humble.

That’s why I said that we have learned about the philosophy of life in Pare. We learned also how to change our negative mindset to be positive.  Hehe Yups,,,,, That’s all guys. Maybe still need more words to explain about my experiences here. If you get curious, just immediately  come to here.. Okay!

my Class at ELFAST

I took Basic Grammar 1 and Basic Grammar 2 in ELFAST. Good choice for you who wants to be a teacher of grammar..! 🙂

with Dini Kecil n' Izna.. Bestiiieess.... 🙂

Mr Bob Private Class Step 1

Mr Bob Private Class Step 2

I took Mr. Bob Private Class. Good for you who wants to raise your confident and wanna be a good speaker.. 🙂


11 thoughts on “Kampung Inggris: Not Only Learn English.. :)

  1. Ken.... berkata:

    Mr. Bob Always Say “Small Action To be Big Action”.

  2. Asop berkata:

    Deket Kediri bukan, sih? 😀

  3. princessdika berkata:

    masih kabupaten kediri ko 🙂

  4. Q-n0y WaS HeRe berkata:

    nice story

  5. Ken.... berkata:

    itu di Mr. bob private class sekelas ama miss, susi, fitri ama miss novi tapi biasanya di situ ada miss novi di situ ada miss dede tp ini kok gak kelihatan ya apa emang miss dede gak ikutan kelas speak up 1 mr. bob.

  6. Ken.... berkata:

    oh ralat ternyata miss dede ada juga itu setelah fotonya di perbesar, ternyata orangya nyempil jadinya gak kelihatan

  7. princessdika berkata:

    hahahaha thanx for comment 🙂

  8. blackgerry berkata:

    hi, mr bobs is my frend, and now i’ll jpin with him class 😀 nice to know your blog

  9. qezzia berkata:

    sounds like a very good place to learn english. thanks for sharing. do you have their contact details?

  10. princessdika berkata:

    yes.. this is Mr. bob Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mr-Bob-English-CLub/231989990152716 like this page, and you can find contact number of Mr. Bob Class.. 🙂

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