It has been so long I wasn’t ‘touching’ my blog.. so I miss to write so much! 🙂

I thought of my blog today because I have fully spirit to write now about my DREAM. Yes, it is about DREAM! 🙂 I love this part.

I am a big dreamer. And I don’t want just to stay and not moving on to pursue my dream. I was struggled against underestimation from people who has wrong paradigm about what is the real meaning of a ‘DREAM’.  I don’t wanna drown in this wrong paradigm. And I want to prove that I can reach my dream for one day. Even I realize, there are so much pain and circumstances that I have to through.  There are more boredom, tiredness, sickness, and so many tears. Thank GOD, I’m still survive until today.  Life happens for once. And I don’t wanna waste this wonderful life. It is a gift from God, you know..

Some people think that to have a big dream, it is a misktakes. But I don’t think so. Because I believe big future are starting  from a big dream and visions.

Some people underestimate another who take so much pains and efforts to reach some invisible dream.  but they don’t realize, they are blind and yearning because they don’t have any dream! what a pity..

Someday, in my future, I just want to sit down in front of mirror and proud of what I’ve been done in the past. ‘now’, will be my past in the future. So I don’t want to waste my precious time anymore. :0

I’m not afraid of pains. If I have to, I go through.


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